Our Platforms

Accelerating - Growth Path of Students by addressing their Skill, Operational, Strategic and Entrepreneurial Requirements.

2nd Intern Integrated Platform

Our platfroms empower students with an entrepreneurial mindset and skills by assisting them at each & every step of their venture.

2ndintern Hyper-Growth SME's Platform

2ndintern is a platform which Helps SMEs to accelerate their growth and scale through our innovative Hyper Growth Program.

  Creating an entrepreneurial ecosystems in cities by helping existing SME's.
  We channelize (incubators, accelerators, investors ) to nurture SME's.
  We provide Mentorship sessions, channelize domain and Industry experts to equip you with required tools.
  2nd Intern is a platform that brings Incubators, Mentors, Investors, Entrepreneurs and SME's together.
  We assist you to capitalize on Funding Opportunities, We ensure your higher success rate for Aspiring and Practicing Entrepreneurs.


We Seek and channelize innovators through our Workshops


We Help in Self and Project Discovery, Project dev-phase


We provide mentorship to strategize and help to furnish your business model

Active Mentorship

We assist in scaling and sustainable hyper growth through our Entrepreneurial Network and Investment support.