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2nd Intern has been incepted with an ideology to leverage & strengthen the institutions by becoming the college’s student orientation wing for realtime market, and that is why our strategy is to create young entrepreneurs & leaders by the seasoned entrepreneurs & leaders. Institution is the first career nurturing arm of the students and 2nd Intern is the other career success arm of the students. The combined duo of both the arms determine the student overall success.

We as an organization work towards building an ecosystem and community for students to develop their skills and to enhance their hands on experience for better employability and to create successful leaders and Entrepreneurs to drive Large-scale employment.

Our Purpose

(Why Do we Exist)

Creating Employment Opportunities. -   To bring entrepreneurship, innovation and skills development to create leaders hence driving employment .

Changing Perception -   To Create an Ecosystem nurturing the establishment of Entrepreneurial Culture and empowering individuals for global opportunities.

Scaling and Hyper Growth -   To channelize Training, Mentorship and Network to boost the Growth of Student startups and SME's in India.

Our Mission

(How we will Do it )

We Inspire -   students by creating a nurturing ecosystem to enhance Skill Development and Gain experience to be successful in their venture.

We Innovate -   art of learning, So to bring the large scale of innovators to the problem solving table.

We Initiate -   the journey of students and we Empower them to follow the right path to make their vision a reality.

We as an organization work towards building a community of well skilled students and Businessmen to enhance their employability and to create successful leaders, Entrepreneurs to drive Large-scale employment .


By 2025

Establish a run-rate of 1lkh new annual jobs through Start-ups
and SME’s.

Enable 500 high-potential Start-ups,

Impart entrepreneurship education to 100K students and professionals annually thus
creating a culture of entrepreneurship in India.

Annually train and place 2.5lkh students with 21st century employability skills.

Scale impact directly and through Channel Partners and conducing Govt.
policies that accelerate job creation and fulfillment.

Our models, platforms and tools for SME's and students help
them in Hyper growth and accelerate's scaling.

Advantages of 2nd Intern